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Wings International is a Bristol-based company that serves the UK. We specialise in the storage, transportation and shipping of items from the UK to the Caribbean and other locations.

Founded in 2011, Wings International is a UK registered company. Originally, we provided transportation solutions for UK traders and citizens. Over the years, we have grown into a leading transportation provider. We primarily ship to the Caribbean, but we can ship to other destinations around the world upon request. We have previously shipped internationally to locations including the USA and India.

While we are based in Bristol, with strategic transport links across the West Country via the M4, we provide services in Newbury and surrounding areas and can also travel countrywide.

In addition to our shipping services, we offer safe storage solutions in the Bristol area. Our unique service lessens the effort required by our customers by providing convenient and hassle-free collection and storage. Wings International comes directly to you to pick up your items for storing, erasing the need for you to come to our warehouse. We will also return your items to you at a time that’s convenient for you, so there is no need for you to ever collect your items yourself.

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Shipping to the Caribbean and beyond

Wings International provides packaging and transportation solutions for shipping to the Caribbean and beyond.

Our services provide the UK West Indian community with simple and safe shipment solutions, which helps to reduce the cost of living for friends and family living in the Caribbean. We make international shipping faster and safer at a reduced cost. With many transportation services, shipments can take up to a month to arrive, whereas Wings International provides a weekly service. This allows packages to arrive at their international destination sooner.

We specialise in shipping personal items, such as household goods, industrial equipment and small everyday items; vehicles; barrels; crates and shipping containers to a number of international destinations. We ship cargo of any size quickly and safely all year round and can ship on public holidays.

International shipping is made safer and more cost-effective thanks to the commitment and drive of the Wings International team. We aim to ensure that all of our shipments are delivered quickly, safely and in the best condition. Get in touch with our expert team today!

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