About Us

Wings International Forwarding Ltd is a UK registered company which started in 2011.

Initially founded to provide for the needs of traders and the wider UK public (while also supporting the shipping and logistical support industries), it has used this experience over the years to develop and expand its activities. Today it is a major supplier of global logistical services.

For businesses, we deliver reliable UK import and export freight forwarding services.

For individuals looking to move their personal effects, or relocate from one country to another, we  provide packaging which includes barrels, drums, cartons and crates.

We can ship almost anything, from household goods to cars and industrial equipment.

Wings International – specialists in Shipping and Cargo Services.

Our Company Registration No. is 08260345.

“We cover all bases with our wide range of services at highly competitive rates, for import and export customers, commercial or private. We make light work of collection, delivery, swift customs clearance, document origination and processing, road and marine transport, warehouse storing and packing –in short, the complete one-stop solution for all your shipping needs.

Our highly experienced team are strategically based close to major routes in Bristol and Nottingham, backed by an international network of agents to ensure that cargo is handled in the most professional and cost-effective manner.
Highest Standards in Freight-Forwarding Services

The company delivers to the highest standards, and holds professional membership with the Federation of Small Businesses.

Our trading division, Wings Shipping, exists in order to serve the general public between the UK and the Caribbean islands. We offer the most reliable service at competitive prices. “